Boats in Stock
*All pricing Includes GST

We can supply you with a custom boat with your preferred options such as colour combinations or you can simply purchase a boat from our new or used range.  The used boats are either display boats that have been unwrapped to exhibit at regattas or they are boats that have been trialled by customers searching for their perfect boat.

Boats in Stock

ConditionBoat typeBoat mouldYearSerial numberPrice (incl GST)Notes
New1x CWAF44 (50-60kgs)2023TBC$22,990.00Available Now. Reverse Carbon Wing.  Includes boat and rigger covers
New1x CWAF39 (90-110kgs)2023TBC$22,990.00Available Now. Reverse Carbon Wing.  Includes rigger cover
New 8+ F54 (60-75kgs) 2023 TBC $77,990.00 Available Now.  Aluminium Wing.

Boats Arriving Soon

ConditionBoat typeBoat mouldYearSerial numberPriceNotes
New1x CWAF15 (65-75kgs)2023TBC$22,990.00Available January, 2024. Reverse Carbon Wing
New1x CWAF22 (75-85kgs)2023TBC$22,990.00Available Now. Reverse Carbon Wing
New8+ (AW)F49 (80-100kgs)2023TBC$77,990.00Available January, 2024. Aluminium wing