Premium Boat Racks

"Well thought out storage solutions are important for maximising the effective use of space in clubs. Working with an engineer and fabricator we will find the best solutions for your club at a price that is fair. This will mean more rowers on the water, and more boats available for them to row in"
Alastair Isherwood
Former World Rowing Champion

Rolling Rack - boats, riggers and/or oars

Rolling Racks

We are able to make several forms of rolling racks for clubs:

- Derigged boats of all sizes
- Rigged boats of all sizes
- Rigger racks
- Oar racks

The most important thing to know is that we will work with you to ensure the racks we supply will meet the needs of your rowing program for many years to come.

Standard Features on Every Rack

All racks are carefully crafted from premium steel and designed to minimise the footprint of the rack while maximising it’s storage effectiveness


All racks will include bespoke wheels for all different terrain the rack will encounter

All racks come with high quality rubber on the arms to ensure the boats are protected at all times

All racks have the option of including specifically designed v piece protectors to ensure your boats are stored securely with maximum protection

All racks can be fully customised to meet the exact needs of their environment from the width of the bay, the the height of the roof, we will ensure the rack will work in it’s intended space