Premium Rowing Boat Trailers

"If you are looking for the best bang for buck trailer on the market you have come to the right place. We have three standard sizes of boat trailers available. You can then upgrade or customise as you require and I will work with you to ensure your trailer meets your exact needs for many years to come"
Alastair Isherwood
World Champion Rower

Specifications - 3 standard sizes

Trailer Sizes

When choosing a trailer size you really need to consider the intended purpose of the trailer. Small trailers are for private buyers, smaller clubs or for rowing programs looking for a second trailer that can be used for camps. Medium sized trailers are for rowing programs that want a trailer that will meet their needs for camps and regattas and do not want the burden of towing a large trailer. Large trailers are for large rowing programs that have the need to transport as many boats as possible as efficiently as possible.

The most important thing to know is that we will work with you to ensure the trailer we supply will meet the needs of your rowing program for many years to come.

Small Trailer

Easy Transport of Boats
$ 28990 including GST
  • Fully galvanised, exceptional quality trailer
  • Hydraulic or Electric Bluetooth brakes
  • Great for small clubs or as a second trailer
  • Full length safety steps
  • 3 or 4 racks high
  • Super lightweight for great fuel economy and safety
  • Able to transport all boat classes
  • Single Axle
  • Premium Lighting
  • Optional Lockable Storage
  • Two Jockey Wheels as Standard
  • 1400kg Gross Trailer Mass (option to upgrade)

Medium Trailer

Massive transport capability in a manageable Size
$ 31990 Including GST
  • Fully galvanised, esxceptional quality trailer
  • Hydraulic or Electric Bluetooth brakes
  • A great second trailer for large programs
  • Full length safety steps
  • 4 or 5 racks high
  • Smart design for optimal storage and flexibility
  • Optional ability to transport motor boats
  • Dual Axle
  • Premium Lighting
  • Optional Lockable Storage
  • Two Jockey Wheels as Standard
  • 2000kg Gross Trailer Mass with the option to upgrade to 2800kgs

Large Trailer

Endless amounts of racking and storage
$ 34990 Including GST
  • Fully galvanised, esxceptional quality trailer
  • Electric Bluetooth brakes
  • The ultimate trailer
  • Full length safety steps
  • 5 racks high (2.9m)
  • Outstanding quality and design
  • Dual Axle
  • Smart Design for Maximum Storage
  • Premium Lighting
  • Optional Lockable Storage
  • Two Heavy Duty Jockey Wheels as Standard
  • 2800kg Gross Trailer Mass with the option to upgrade to 3500kgs

Standard Features on Every Trailer

By far the most important standard feature we offer is hot dipped galvanisation.  It is an expensive process so not all trailer builders will do this, please ensure when you request a comparison quote from another trailer builder you specify this requirement  as not all builders will offer this.

Key benefits:

When iron is extracted from its ore, a fundamental tendency of nature is abruptly reversed. Unless protected, iron and steel will corrode in most environments, slowly returning to their natural state.

Corrosion prevention is an essential factor in the economic utilisation of steel. Provision of the appropriate protective coating can bring initial savings plus substantial economies in service, due to reduction or elimination of maintenance and lost service time, and by deferring the replacement date of structures and equipment.

Galvanising is the best solution for corrosion protection, offering significantly greater benefits than paint or any other coating system. In fact, when it comes to handling, durability, coating thickness, application and protection, there’s no comparison.

Architects and Engineers specify galvanising because it’s the most effective corrosion system with a long, maintenance-free lifespan. And if you’re considering galvanising, you might want to review the following major, measurable benefits

All PBR trailers come with the most effective and efficient lighting systems on the market to ensure your boats and more importantly, you are seen and safe at all times.

A premium lighting option is available (detailed below)

All PBR trailers come with premium heavy duty trailer tyres and one spare wheel

There is an option to have two (or more) spare wheels, please see details below under options

All PBR trailers have premium grade mud flaps to ensure your trailer and precise boats and other rowing equipment are protected at all times

All trailers are made to be fully compliant with current road laws in all state and territories

All trailers come with comprehensive wire flooring in all storage areas.  Options are available for solid flooring, marine carpet, synthetic grass and/or to add rubbing matting (see below)

All trailers come standard with Alucobond panelling providing an aesthetically appealing finish with the option for custom sign writing (see below)

All trailers come with 2 premium jockey wheels as standard.  This allows for safe and easy manoeuvring of the trailer by hand and avoids the often expensive, inconvenient and dangerous risk of jockey wheel failure 

All trailers come with carefully designed and considered steps that ensure safe and practical access to higher levels of the trailer.  

There is an option to add premium step options to your trailer and these can be discussed at the time of specifying your trailer.  More details are container below in the options section

All PBR trailers have premium deep storage beds that will allow you to easily store and transport all riggers, oars and other equipment used with the rowing boats being transported.

We offer options for additional hooks, cargo nets and tonneau covers (details below)

Additional options for PBR Trailers

The alucobond panelling allows for signage to be beautifully displayed on the side of the trailer.

Our graphics team can put the perfect finish touch to your boat or you can supply us with your graphics and we can have them applied to perfectly promote your rowing program. 

The design of your racks is completely customisable in every way.  The width, height, configuration (enclosed, open, F type) can be specified as you so desire with small changes in cost that only reflect the amount of material being used.  

We can even do a 5th wheeler design!

We will work with you to ensure the trailer is optimised for the type and size of boats you would like to carry

Premium lighting can be installed on the trailer that includes additional navigation lights on the higher racks and mid mounted turn signal indicators.  The latter are great for when a car is next to you and cannot necessarily see the back of the trailer or your vehicle indicators.

We can suggest the optimal lighting configurations for your trailer design or you can tell us exactly what you would like

There are endless options when it comes to storage options and lockable areas on the trailer.

Depending on these size of the trailer the size and placement of the storage varies however as with many aspects of the trailer we are able to recommend configurations or meet your requirements.

As we all know rowing trailers are left in precarious places (Boathouse Drive on a Saturday night!) and often for significant periods of time.

We provide the option of high quality tow hitch locks and/or wheel locks to secure your valuable investment.

We recommend using both!

Well designed cargon nets and tonnaue covers can provide excellent protection from the elements as well as ensuring all parts in the trailer are secure while being transported.

Our tonneau covers slide off one side of the trailer with access and securing of riggers and oars being quite simple – it all comes back to a good design!

As is standard on many vehicles these days we can install a rear camera on larger trailers that then links to a display in the tow vehicle.  The rear image can then be toggled between being off, displayed constantly while towing the trailer or to only display when reversing.

This is a great addition to ensure you know exactly what is behind and also significantly helps in the reversing of fully loaded large trailers into 

On the base of the top bar of trailers there is the option to mount LED light strips that can then be powered by a vehicle or a battery within the trailer.

This allows for the safe loading/unloading of the trailer in the dark

PBR have their own V-piece holders/protectors that mount around the cross bars of the trailer, securing singles/pairs and stern sections of eight with ease.  

Our v-piece holders do a great job at securing the load and protecting the boat being transported.

PBR have the option of installing 12v power outlets in the storage compartments.  This allows for the ability to charge cox boxes on the go.

PBR have Cox Box cases that can be made to store and charge Cox Boxs on the go!

PBR trailer can be configured to have racking that is removable or adjustable.

This allows for the transport of different sized boats and even motor boats and rowing boats on the one trailer.

The option to specify your trailer as a 5th wheeler is unique in the Australian market and offers the ability to transport rowing boats in a safer fashion than ever before.  

Speak to us if you are interested in exploring this option.

Construction - Why Steel and not aluminium?

All PBR trailers are made from steel. This is because steel trailers will last longer, are far stronger, far more durable (given the treatment rowing trailers receive), will not warp, flex or bend when people are on them or when on bumpy roads and finally are far more cost effective